We are our projects, which are aimed to develop the Working Culture of Social and Health Care and to add welfare and participation of Persons recovering from mental health problems and people with disabilities.


Walking Football

Our walking football project is a three-year undertaking funded by STEA, the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations. Its main aim is to bring sports clubs and health and social organisations together in an effort to make walking football a part of Finnish football culture.

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Mental Beauty Records is a record label showcasing the capabilities and talents of those who often go unnoticed in the mainstream, particularly mental health survivors and people with intelectual disabilities. The label also maintains a web platform known as The Stage, where musicians from all across Finland come together.

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The Propellerhead Think Tank

The Propellerhead Think Tank works to promote a culture of experimentation among social and health care NGO’s in Finland and all over the world. Are you in need of fresh ideas or points of view? Do you have an idea you would like to try out in practice? Our daredevil team of inspired innovators has all kinds of know-how, but we take particular pride in our experience in change design, as well as developing clever, workable solutions for evaluation and monitoring.  The implementation of new technologies in NGO impact measurement is another passion of ours.

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Kulttuurikongi is a three-year joint project with the Finnish Criminal Sanctions Agency, the Finnish Red Cross and the Finnish Central Association for Mental Health. Its main aim is to support inmates in particularly challenging situations through a series of cultural workshops, building and strengthening inmates’ social safety nets in the process.

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Collaborative Projects

Kaunis mieli

The “Kaunis mieli” (“A Beautiful Mind”) -project is the first of its kind in Finland, training experts by experience in the cultural sector.  Our goal is to create new and meaningful roles in society for mental health survivors, where their contributions are valued and their experience respected. In short, we want mental health survivors to have a voice. The project is run by Taiteen Sulattamo (“The Art Forge”), a member of Kukunori, with Kukunori acting as partner.

Our cooperation runs deep across many areas, from sharing information to organising events and activities together. Taiteen Sulattamo is also represented on the board of Kukunori.

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Mindfood is a project run by Finfami (Finnish Central Association of Families of People with Mental Illness) in cooperation with Kukunori. The project is targeted at individuals and families using food banks.  Its main aim is to delve into the experiences of people using food banks through the use of methods rooted in a culture of experimentation.

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At the core of the ”LOV ME”-project is the reinforcement of positive mental health through user-driven experimental development. Guided by the core principles of positive mental health (togetherness, optimism, a positive sense of self, a meaningful life), mental health experts by experience, professionals and loved ones alike work to develop new practices, which are then documented and modelled, fostering innovation and user-driven action.

The project is a three-year joint undertaking between Kakspy ry, which serves as the coordinating body, Finfami Uusimaa and Kukunori in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and the Kymenlaakso region. Close cooperation is maintained on a variety of levels with other stakeholders, such as NGOs.

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No Labels No Walls


No Labels No Walls is an open network for collaborative development.  Our motto is: “To seclude is never Equality”. We are working amongst Art and Culture and in Social Services field.  We organize meetings together, workshops and events.  At the moment there is 30 of us in Finland and internationally and a big group of private individuals. Read More and Join Us!

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Music Beyond All Borders

Music transcends differences and creates connections. We harness this power to cultivate healing and inspiration, impact social change and adapt perception to lead to a healthier world for people who struggle with addiction and mental health or don’t. We facilitate international song collaborations for people in recovery to go beyond borders and build their legacy. Music Beyond All Borders is coordinated by Scottish Recovery Network (Scotland), Musical Intervention (USA), Dramalogen (Sweden) and Kukunori (Finland).

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European collaboration

Kukunori aims at developing wide co-development, networking and valorization of good practice and models in Europe. Kukunori is open for collaborations through EU -programs like Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens ja European Solidarity Corps. Kukunori has acquired an Europan Quality Label for European Solidarity Corps. Kukunori is open for ESC volunteers and projects from all partner countries and is able to send, co-ordinate and receive ESC volunteers. Please contact our coordinator Markus Vähälä and collaborate with Kukunori in Europe!

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