All culture is about cultivating your consciousness, also mental health care. It’s time to remove the blindfolds and make culture and people’s stories visible.

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Cultural design is at the heart of our work.

Unique is the new normal.

We can change culture by making it visible through the stories of experts by experience. Utilizing music, art and other forms of culture can be our main tools. 


Kukunori ry was founded in 2012 and acts as a umbrella organization for people recovering from mental health issues, and professionals of the culture industry. Its aim is to promote cultural activities for people recovering from mental health issues and people with different levels of ability.


 Kukunori ry represents 17 national mental health NGOs. We also collaborate with central art and culture learning institutes and other actors in these fields, for example Sibelius Academy and ARTSEQUAL consortium. We will publish a list of our member organizations in the autumn of 2017.


  Kukunori ry strives to break ground and collaborate across the disciplines of mental health, art and the culture industry. Kukunori’s aim is to cultivate opportunities to realize and publicize the cultural activities of people recovering from mental health issues. To realize this vision Kukunori promotes networking and opportunities to collaborate between actors in the culture industry and NGOs.


Meaningful inclusion is our defining value that cuts through our operation. We strive, in all our activity, to include our target group in the process; from planning stages to realization. We aim to guide service user -led organizational cultures towards user inclusion and agency. This aim is represented across our work, from staff to collaboration, to the way we organize our activities. We wish to continue upholding our principle: over half of the people hired or involved in our activities are experts by experience. We maintain a strong value of recovery oriented practice.


We support and re-design the definitions and contents of applied arts. We believe in art as a value in itself but also see its opportunities to generate well-being. We are also proud to be partner organization with ARTSEQUAL research initiative, coordinated by the University of Arts Helsinki, examining the arts as public service, with equality as the starting point, and exploring how the arts can meet the social challenges of the 2020s.


Kukunori works to make visible the alliance between culture and mental health, and the new culture this partnership creates. Kukunori ry also produces social innovations through experimentation, and supports multicultural well-being One of our missions is to create a platform for  people in Finland who are interested on creative collaboration in social innovations. This community is called Mission Propellerheads

Would you like to know what we’re currently working on?

Even though we’re a comparatively young organization we have penty of agile projects and lots of start-up spirit. 


Our staff has a very strong heritage and expertise on Culture Houses. We are applying the Guided Functional Peer Support model to promote the recovery of people with mental health challenges and people with different levels of ability through a digital peer support community. The Mental Beauty Records project offers young people in recovery new opportunities to cultivate their interest and skills in media. Later on they will have an opportunity to participate in the practice of a third sector organization pioneering applied cultural production. Check out mentalbeautyrecords.fi.


Moniäänirock (Multivoice Rock festival) is a national music event for people recovering from mental health issues. The performers come from all over the country, brought together by love of music, regardless of the genre. During the event they’ll receive feedback from a jury of professional musicians. In 2017 the event was held in Vaasa and 2018 we’ll return to Helsinki. The first Moniäänirock was held in the spring of 2012 in Helsinki and in 2013 in Lahti. The event is open to all and run by volunteers. The official organizer is Kukunori in collaboration with many other Finnish organizations.


We hope that our member organizations collaborate to develop their own cultural and physical activity. We’d like to support and unite. We need more expert by experience stories, communicated through cultural activity. We also support the work of cultural liaison staff at our member organizations. Are you interested at joining us as a member organization? Please, let us know.


We’re developing a digital operating environment for expert by experience activity, utilizing music and record industry tools. We organise collaborative events, such as Moniäänirock, camps dedicated to expressive arts, song workshops and the traditional Kukunori Big Band concert. We actively advocate through publications and public statements. We aim to make promote the recovery-oriented approach and this is the uniting theme in all our work. We are, in co-operation with our member organizations, continuously applying for new funding for projects. this will help us co-ordinate cultural workshop activity also for new target groups, such as offenders and immigrants.

“We want to do things different to others. Or rather we do the same things, but in a different way. Social innovation comprises of many existing practices. The uniting factor is crossing interdisciplinary boundaries and joining together new groups of people and individuals. The aim is to think big and make small changes, ideally through experiments rather than laborious planning.”

Markus Raivio

CEO, Director of operations

The most important mission is to create, through ideas, experiments and successes, a new normal for the day-to-day.

It’s ok to get in touch.

Otherwise, how else are you going to make connections. We’re constantly looking for new partnerships, member organizations, do-gooders, experts by experience and artists, to join us in building better organizational cultures and a better society.

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